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Country Calling Codes - and Time Zones - at Your Fingertips Announces World Time Zone Tools

CINCINNATI, OH, April 22 -- Continuing on its quest to make international calling as easy as dialing 1-2-3, Domain-it! today announced the addition of international time zones to its increasingly popular website. CountryCallingCodes is a straightforward site with a simple goal -- to help callers place international phone calls. The site not only takes the guesswork out of calling internationally by providing the calling codes, it now tells you when to call as well!

With the addition of time zones, CountryCallingCodes now displays the current time anywhere in the world, helping you to determine the best time of day to place your international call. Simply select where you are calling from and to, then CountryCallingCodes displays the local telephone codes and current time in seconds. "What started out as a tool for our own international calling has proven to be an extremely popular website," said Paul Goldstone, President and CEO. "Adding time zones makes it that much more useful." currently responds to more than 10,000 country code searches every day.

This Domain-it! offering fits into the universal toolkit that a networked world requires. Imagine the New York sales exec who sets up a phone call with an Australian client. The Australian provides his office telephone number, only he can't tell the New Yorker how to dial. Instead, the New York exec has to call (and pay) the operator to figure that out. The exec then has to spend time figuring out the time difference and calculating the best time to call. Now they don't have to. They have -- the Internet's premier calling code website.

Free and easy to use, the site provides the numbers you need and the local time in just seconds, making an essential bookmark. But it goes further. A clever graphic interface makes the search process intuitive, and users can even download a copy of the search tool for use on their own website. A quick reference phone book hands out country-by-country and city-by-city lists worldwide, and a help page ensures that nobody gets lost.

This free service update is the latest offering from e-business specialist Domain-it!, one of the Internet's Business to Business pioneers. Find out what all the buzz is about by visiting

About Domain-it!

Founded in 1996, Domain-it! is a leading provider of Internet services to users, developers and providers worldwide. An ICANN accredited registrar with over 100,000 active services, offers domain name registrations, email services, web site hosting and online marketing, backed by a knowledgeable and responsive support team. Among other well known web sites, Domain-it! provides domain name news and information at, extended domain search functions at, cell phone email at and international calling assistance plus time zones at



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