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How do I place an international call?

To place an international call, you need to know the country that you are calling, as well as the local number of the person/company you are trying to reach.

You will typically dial the following:

Exit Code + Country Code + City/Area Code + Local Number

Exit Code - The number assigned to your country used when dialing a number located outside of your country. Every country worldwide is assigned an exit code.

Country Code - The number assigned to the country for incoming calls. Every country worldwide is assigned a country code.

City/Area Code - The number assigned to the city/state for incoming calls.

Local Number - The local number of the person/business you are trying to call.

You can get the complete dialing instructions by using our calling codes search.

Plus Signs

When you view the dialing instructions on this site, you will see plus (+) signs separating the different sections of the full dialing number. When placing your call, you DO NOT dial these plus signs.

Dropping Numbers

Many countries assign a '0' to the beginning of all phone numbers to be used for domestic calls only. This is called a Trunk Code and it should be dropped prior to calling the number from another country.

For example, a number for a company in London, UK may be listed as:
(020) Local Number.

If you were dialing domestically, you would dial:
020 + Local Number.

If you were calling from another country, you would drop the first 0 and add the country code:
44 + 20 + Local Number.

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